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Mr. Barry Briganti
WELCOME 5th Grade:

I know that this is weird (PLEASE CLICK ON MY WELCOME BACK VIDEO) and not what any of us want - but as good citizens - we must do our part. Each Sunday - in this section - I will give updates as I know them and post the instructions for the week. I will also list deadlines and due dates. Please bare with Mrs. Robinson and I - as this is new to us as well and we will make mistakes but please know that we are working as diligently as we can to help make this time easier for you while continuing the goal of making you ready for next year.

Each week my students are expected to complete:
a minimum 90 minutes if Istation math. Grades will be given based on the time used and the work done during this time.
students are required to get One Green Light on Reflex Math EACH DAY (NOT 5 per week). Points will be given each day.
students will be required to finish any uploaded assignments and/or worksheets - which will be due by Sunday night 10:00 pm. THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE UNDER LINKS
students will be required to finish 2 Gizmo lessons that I will assign each week.

In addition there will be videos and other aids to help you understand the materials.
From time to time I will have "office hours" where Facetime groups can come together and ask questions - or those without Facetime can call in and ask questions.

Finally - Any website logon information that you do not have or that you have forgotten will be made available to you upon request.

Thank You,

Mr. Briganti