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Martha Docteur
Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to first grade Online Educational Network for remote learning. Students will have assignments and homework for each subject (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies) to complete. All work must be submitted through the online Education Network. This is how Broward County Public School maintain student's work records. The purpose of homework is to review and extend concepts and strategies learned throughout the day.

Each week ALL students are expected to complete:

-Students are required to complete at least minimum 60 minutes of I-Istation for Reading and Math. Grades will be given based on the time used and the work done during this time.
-Students will be required to login into Science4us.com to complete assigned lessons each week. Any lessons given through Science4us.com must be completed by due date.
-Students will be required to finish any uploaded assignments and/or worksheets by posted due day. We will have ZOOM meetings to discuss materials and to answer any questions. Our online learning for students begins on Monday (March 30, 2020). Below is our new online class schedule.

In addition there will be videos and other aids to help you understand the materials.

Finally - Any website logon information that you do not have or that you have forgotten will be made available to you upon request.

Please feel free to contact me through ClassDojo if you have any question(s) with the assignments.

Thank you
Ms. Docteur